BlogIs Clustered Data ONTAP the Right Next Step for Your NetApp Storage Infrastructure?

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Many of our NetApp customers are interested and intrigued by the advantages of clustered Data ONTAP®. But at the same time, they’re frustrated by the current state of their storage infrastructure and their inability to take advantage of this new software. That’s because a Data ONTAP upgrade requires an intensive maintenance process to complete. Plus, additional storage capacity may be required to migrate the data to the new file system. These requirements create two specific issues with a Data ONTAP upgrade:

  1. They don’t have the additional space to perform the file system upgrade.
  2. They don’t know what data sets require the additional features in Data ONTAP.

Because they don’t have the additional file system space, customers need to install swing gear and/or they need to wait for a hardware upgrade cycle to perform the Data ONTAP upgrade. This delays the realization of Data ONTAP’s advantages, and in many cases, it’s simply a limitation that can’t be overcome.

ASG now offers a blended cloud-based migration service that assists customers in overcoming this physical resource limitation by providing a cloud-based landing zone and replication technology to provide a virtual ‘swing space’ to complete a Data ONTAP upgrade.

If we include our professional services, we can also create a rolling upgrade to Data ONTAP using subscription-based hardware resources. This type of approach allows customers with limited budgets to migrate to the Data ONTAP environment on their existing equipment and immediately take advantage of the new feature sets and reliability provided by this platform.

Of course, depending on how the storage array is actually being purposed, not all customers will benefit from the Data ONTAP features. That’s why we’ll review your existing NetApp infrastructure first—to evaluate the potential success of Data ONTAP migration and to determine which resources and capabilities will accelerate the Data ONTAP implementation.

We’ll also evaluate applications for their replication and high-availability capabilities and requirements. (When solutions can provide resiliency and availability through their own software framework, customers can forgo a Data ONTAP implementation. If we identify other applications that would benefit from Data ONTAP features, we can prioritize them as potential candidates to move to this new technology.)  

We’re one of the few organizations that can provide this type of application-to-data insight. Be sure to reach out with questions!

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Dustin Smith, Chief Technologist

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