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I’m often asked, “How can ASG help me with my IT?”

At ASG, we focus on bringing cost- and time-saving IT solutions to your data center, whether that data center is in the cloud, on-prem or hybrid. Specifically, we investigate and discover innovative solutions for your infrastructure, your data, and your operations. ASG provides services and solutions for consolidating, modernizing, and automating your IT datacenter.

Whether you are trying to incorporate the cloud, or dealing with implementing an effective security strategy, maintaining your infrastructure is vital. And no matter how you run your data center, whether it’s all on-prem, all in the cloud, or hybrid, you still need to address these three pillars: infrastructure, data, and operations.

It’s becoming better understood that even if you are using the public cloud, you have responsibilities. The cloud provider is responsible for “Security of the Cloud.” That is, they need to protect all the hardware, software, networking, and facilities that run their cloud services. You, as a customer of the cloud, are responsible for “Security in the Cloud.” This is known as the shared responsibility model. In essence, you are always responsible for security, backup, DR, performance and compliance, whether in the cloud or not. And that’s where ASG comes in.


At ASG, we focus on cost and time saving solutions for the data center and the mobile workforce, whether your IT environment is in the cloud or on-prem. After 30 years being in this industry, we understand the importance of leveraging today’s modern infrastructure technology, because with it, we can provide you a lower cost for reliability, performance, scalability. By leveraging hyper-converged infrastructures, optimized storage and flash arrays, high speed storage and communication networks, integrated threat intelligence and cybersecurity controls to software defined networking for cloud mobility, ASG can give you not only a lower cost infrastructure, but also one that is extremely consolidated and with an easy button for IT operations. By modernizing your IT infrastructure, your organization not only improves the overall TCO, but also alleviates IT headaches and time-consuming IT troubleshooting.

These are the components that ASG defines as an agile infrastructure:

  • Hyper-converged computeusing scalable components
  • Business-focused cost model for on- and off-premise
  • Optimized storage infrastructure
  • Software defined LAN and WAN for cloud mobility
  • Integrated security strategy with built-in threat intelligence
  • Easily migrate between on-premise and public clouds


Tweet: Infrastructure, Data, Automation… It’s Paramount for Data Center Success #datacenter #IT #cloudWe understand your data is extremely vital to your organization. To some degree, all your data is important, but clearly not all data has the same value to the corporation. At ASG we are experts at modern data protection and recovery solutions. Implementing a modern backup and data management solution allows you to orchestrate multiple, complex data protection operations that improve data curatorship all under a single management console. At ASG we don’t stop there though, we provide many other data management features such as converging backup, archiving, compliance, and disaster recovery into a single management solution.

This is how ASG modernizes data protection and data management:

  • Cloud-aware support for data protection and retention
  • One platform for secondary data (backups, objects, test/dev and analytics)
  • Adaptive data consistency
  • Identify PII and GDPR regulation red flags
  • Automatic data tiering and lifecycle management
  • Built-in malware protection


Automation is the key to the data center crown jewels. Using configuration-as-code, you can not only intelligently automate your IT operations, but you can operate with increased reliability from no human-caused errors. Intelligent and automated IT operations are a specialty at ASG. After years of conducting large scale enterprise data center relocations, we understand how to implement automated data center intelligence.

Here are ASG’s requirements for intelligence and automated IT operations:

  • REST API for provisioning all devices
  • Visibility and real-time detections across all business services
  • Low noise-to-signal ratio for wire data reducing alert fatigue
  • Machine learning provides predictive and pre-emptive management controls
  • IT operational and business dashboards

We’ll break these all down in subsequent posts, so come back again soon!

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Mark Teter, Corporate Technologist

Mark Teter, Corporate Technologist

In his role, Mark is responsible for the strategic direction of ASG’s emerging technology offerings and advancing the deployment of present-day hybrid cloud solutions for our customers. Mark has served as Faculty Staff Member at Colorado State University and has written over 50 white papers on subjects including Data Center Ethernet, Linux and Open Source, Storage Area Networks and Computer Virtualization. He published Paradigm Shift in 2006, a book on emerging technologies. He is a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect.