BlogGartner Names NetApp a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Solid State Arrays (SSAs)


According to Gartner, today less than 10 percent of data centers use solid-state arrays for high-performance computing and big data workloads, but that’s expected to jump to 50 percent by 2021.

Last year, Gartner placed our partner NetApp in the leadership quadrant giving the company high marks for addressing ‘next-generation distributed applications, and targeting the cloud service provider and enterprise private cloud market segments.’ In particular, Gartner highlighted NetApp’s:

  • Scaling. The clustered architecture with SolidFire enables linear scale out of capacity and performance as more nodes are added to the system. This gives not only scale-out, but predictability as well. You can scale to 3.4 PBs of capacity and 7.5M guaranteed IOPS.
  • Data Assurance. SolidFire uses a RAID-less approach, instead relying on a share-free architecture. Since each node is a fully functioning unit, the overhead costs of shared controllers do not exist. The SolidFire Helix takes advantage of this distributed architecture by providing ‘an exact copy of all the data in the cluster.’ This makes any rebuilding due to a failure quick and easy. This not only reduces the wear and tear on the drives, but increases the efficiency and integrity of the data itself.

Gartner just released its 2017 Magic Quadrant for SSAs, and this year was no exception. With revenue increases of over 235 percent (more than any other vendor increase), NetApp moved into the #2 spot in market share for 2016 and earned another spot on the Gartner Magic Leadership Quadrant. Gartner cited the SolidFire and All Flash Fabric-Attached Storage (AFF) array as ‘one of the most fully featured arrays on the market.’

In its recent blog post – Up and to the Right: NetApp Moves Up in 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid State Arrays – NetApp points out several key capabilities integrated into their SSA portfolio that will help them stay ahead of the competition:

  • Pay-as-you-go backup and disaster recovery with public cloud
  • Automated policy-based tiering of cold data to public cloud
  • Automated data sync with public cloud to leverage cloud analytics
  • Performance, capacity and cost monitoring across premises and public cloud

Congratulations to NetApp for helping us deliver smart data center technologies. When selecting an SSA provider, it helps to be recognized by Gartner, but you should also revisit a blog we published late last year – Making Smart Storage Array Decisions: 10 Questions to Ask Potential Vendors.

The ASG iLab is available to our customers for benchmarking, proof of concept testing, and hands-on experiential learning. We’re happy to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of the NetApp next generation datacenter technologies. Contact us to learn more!


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