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Delivering Built-In Security for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

At ASG, we often work with Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure, and we’ve blogged previously on the benefits of a Cisco UCS solution. We’ve written before about the benefits inherent in their UCS manager – namely agility, efficiency, flexibility, and control. And just last year we shared 7 reasons to consider Cisco’s UCS.

Here are four more reasons why Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure solutions can help your data center deliver today’s IT needs:

1. Faster IT. Today’s data centers to be agile, nimble and capable of responding to dynamic demands. Cisco calls this model Fast IT and it centers around their UCS solution features, which include:

  • Fast-to-Deploy Infrastructure
  • Application-Centric Infrastructure
  • Accelerated Application Performance
  • Cloud-Ready Infrastructure

2. Lower TCO. According to Cisco and IDG, 76% of CIOs today struggle to stay on schedule and within budget, due to the complexity of traditional infrastructure deployment. By consolidating more workloads onto fewer servers, complexity is reduced, staffing levels are lowered, and technology componentry is minimized. All of this lowers cost and complexity.

3. Integrated Infrastructure Management. Automation, orchestration, and lifecycle management capabilities help simplify deployment and make it easier for IT staff to manage resources.

4. Reduced Risk. Cisco validated designs reduce risk and guesswork during implementation equation, resulting in smooth deployments.

Unifying the management of a data center’s software and hardware components can help organizations deliver the technology infrastructures necessary to capitalize on the promises of cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). We’ve deployed several UCS and converged infrastructure solutions in numerous environments, and we’ve seen the benefits of these deployments first hand.  

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Eric Eiseman

Eric Eiseman, Solutions Architect

As a premier subject matter expert at ASG, Eric Eiseman assists and guides customers through their design and architectural decisions. In particular, Eric has developed a thorough technical knowledge of VMware, Cisco Unified Computing Solutions, FlexPod, and Red Hat products throughout his extensive career as a system administrator and senior consultant.