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Chances are, you’re already quite familiar with flash technology; in one form or another, flash provides most of the data storage for mobile phones, iPods, digital cameras, and other small electronic devices.

More recently, flash has emerged as a serious enterprise storage option. When compared to traditional Magnetic Recording (MR) storage technologies, flash may seem too expensive for widespread storage use in the enterprise. However, a little flash storage can go a long way when used strategically, which actually makes flash a bargain. Now, all-flash storage systems are beginning to deliver the application performance that makes them an ideal solution for converged infrastructure data center centers and cloud platforms.

Today, according to IDC, the all-flash market is growing over 10 times faster than the overall storage market and 2 times faster than the converged infrastructure storage market. This rapid growth makes all-flash the perfect accelerator for converged infrastructure growth. And with NetApp All-Flash FAS, there now exists the ability to do unified protocols (SAN and NAS) while delivering performance, data protection, and affordability. FlexPod is also delivered now with all-flash FAS, helping to build private cloud infrastructures that deliver cost-effective storage and protection.

What makes FlexPod with all-flash FAS special?

There are quite a few all-flash players on the market today and each is able to tout the application performance gains that flash offers. Most, in fact, feature data reduction technologies that reduce the raw capacity requirement, thus lowering costs. Others, however, are missing the application integration and advanced storage services that customers have come to expect from their enterprise storage. 

All Flash FAS offers competitive flash performance and efficiency with the proven enterprise-class features that customers want. Features such as seamless scale-out and scale-up, extensive application integration, integrated data protection, non-disruptive operations, and both async and synchronous replication. And all-flash FAS is the only flash platform that allows seamless application life cycle optimization across flash, disk, and cloud. This is a combination of performance, efficiency, application integration and cloud integration that no other all-flash system on the market can offer. When you combine those features with FlexPod’s already impressive list of benefits – reduced cloud deployment times, lower operating costs, easy management, lower energy costs – and you have a cloud platform that simply outperforms the competition. 

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Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith, Chief Technologist

Throughout his twenty-five year career, Dustin Smith has specialized in designing enterprise architectural solutions. As the Chief Technologist at ASG, Dustin uses his advanced understanding of cloud compute models to help customers develop and align their cloud strategies with their business objectives. His master-level engineering knowledge spans storage, systems, and networking.