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As a FlexPod Premium Partner, we’re delighted when NetApp and Cisco improve their already robust data center solution, which they did recently by introducing FlexPod with UCS Mini.

Now, you don’t need to be an enterprise to take advantage of FlexPod or UCS. FlexPod with UCS Mini is a simple, easy to manage, and flexible solution that is designed for non-data center environments, such as remote locations, branch offices, or any location where there’s data and compute resource requirements.

When compared to traditional rack-mount deployments, the UCS Mini provides:

  • Up to 29 percent CapEx savings
  • Up to 34 percent lower power consumption
  • Up to 80 percent fewer cables

With most remote or branch office scenarios, these locations lack local IT staff. This makes the remote management features inherent with UCS Mini of great value. Troubleshooting can be done remotely, which saves valuable time and deployment costs. As Cisco states:

The Cisco UCS Mini solution is a powerful computing and I/O platform capable of ingesting and pre-processing large amounts of data very quickly. It’s an excellent choice for situations where large amounts of data must be collected at remote sites and processed prior to being transmitted on a slow WAN or satellite link. Preprocessed data can be made available to local and remote users much more quickly.

For more information on FlexPod with UCS Mini visit the Cisco website. For more information on other FlexPod solutions, contact us directly. As a Premium Status partner, we provide:

  • Access to the FlexPod Solution in our in-house technology laboratory (we call it our iLab) for benchmarking and proof of concept
  • Access to the FlexPod PDI (Plan, Design, Implement) Help Desk
  • Access to the collaborative Professional Services Technical Consulting Accelerator (TCA)

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