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In some respects, chronic application performance problems can be more damaging to companies than outright outages. Do you know if degraded application performance is affecting your organization?

The list of all possible consequences is long, but here are the top five problems caused by poor application performance:

1. Unhappy customers

When poor application performance is causing customer satisfaction issues, you not only risk losing customers and potential sales, but your company may also need to increase its spending to retain the customers it still has—while it also tries to repair a damaged reputation.

2. Unhappy employees

If your employees are struggling to focus, or expressing their frequent frustration, or working more hours than usual, an application performance issue might be to blame. If left unresolved, you’ll soon experience staff turnover—and its associated costs.

3. Reduced productivity

If poor application performance is reducing productivity levels, you may need to add additional staff, authorize overtime, or hire contractor labor to keep up with required output. For example, call center employees might address fewer calls because of slow application response times. That means you’d need to hire or authorize additional resources to handle the incoming call load. Likewise, if your manufacturing output is reduced due to delays in order processing and raw material deliveries, this can have a significant impact on other processes down the supply chain.

4. Reduced confidence in IT

Chronic application performance problems can damage the image and reputation of an IT group. Furthermore, it can diminish an IT department’s influence within the company and produce unexpected spending as the IT team grapples with the issue.

5. IT Dysfunction

Perhaps the most insidious consequence of poor application performance, IT dysfunction, is the result of finger pointing and poor morale among the staff, as well as the subsequent and inevitable staff turnover.

Diagnosing the root causes of application performance problems can be difficult and frustrating. And tools alone often are not enough to find and resolve the issues. However, combining application dependency and network analysis tools with some expert analysis might be one of your best options for getting to the root of the problem quickly. Expert analysis, in particular, is a key factor in diagnosing and repairing root causes of performance issues.

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Bob Mauro, IT Economist

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