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In our last couple of blog posts, I’ve highlighted the built-in enterprise-level security that VxRail and NSX-V deliver for hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). I outlined a number of compelling organizational benefits that Dell EMC deliver in their HCI solution along with network security. A recap:

  • A consistent and common management platform
  • A clear and more efficient path to 100Gbs
  • Improved data center scalability and flexibility
  • Faster resource provisioning
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Better organizational agility
  • Enterprise strength network security

I subsequently, and most recently, blogged about some real-world organizational outcomes that IDC uncovered in survey’s to Dell EMC HCI customers. They’re impressive!

These two blogs help make the case for the Dell EMC VxRail Appliance, and if they’re not compelling enough, Edison Group has compiled a comprehensive TCO report on VxRail cost and maintenance advantages. When evaluating whether you should invest in an HCI appliance like VxRail or build your own (BYO), cost and maintenance become two critical factors. The Edison Group conducted a detailed study of both scenarios and came to these conclusions.

Cost Perspective

The total cost of acquisition (TCA) for the VxRail HCI appliance is 8.5 percent less expensive than an HCI solution that is built piece meal (BYO). In addition, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a VxRail appliance is 30.7 percent less expensive than a BYO approach. The main drivers of this cost advantage stem mainly from personnel support and facilities costs.

Management Complexity Perspective

In terms of deployment of the solution, the VxRail appliance takes just one-fourth the time that the BYO approach takes. The system initialization and configuration with the BYO approach takes 96 more steps and 5 hours longer than the VxRail appliance. Further, system expansion takes 73 more steps and 2 hours more with the BYO approach when compared to the VxRail appliance.

The argument for the VxRail HCI solution from Dell EMC is very compelling when looking at the data, the organizational benefits, and ROI. For a more detailed look at the Edison Group study, complete the short form below.

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