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Posted by Amy Besoushko
January 9, 2013

2012 has come and gone and we’ve entered 2013 with high expectations for technology providers. Cloud computing is sure making some strong inroads and virtualization technology will as well. But before we look ahead to 2013, we’ve put together this blog as a virtualization technology resource, culling several of our blogs from last year.

Data Security in a BYOD World

Virtualization technology, in this case VDI, doesn’t always translate well into mobile environments. The applications are generally not optimized for touch interfaces, so the user experience can be less than ideal. Also, not all mobile devices support the same VDI clients, so administrators have to manage multiple client-based access apps on the endpoints. Ultimately, IT departments are using VDI to handle application security and user context, while using MDM to manage device provisioning and user settings. It will be interesting to observe and help shape this balance as BYOD and mobile productivity continue to ramp up. And this will still be the case as we head further into 2013.

Virtualization Technology Trends

The support and adoption of multiple hypervisors in organizations is another trend we often see. For example, companies with a Microsoft background will eventually run Exchange on Hyper-V; those using XenDesktop will use XenServer, and companies using JBoss will adopt Red Hat’s KVM. This will cause a change in focus from the hypervisor itself to the server virtualization management layer.

And in fact, this trend is one of Red Hat’s trends as we head into 2013 with virtualization technology in mind. I’m sure some of our other trends will continue to move ahead as well.

Storage Virtualization – Latest HDS Solution Perfect for the SME Market

We were the first VAR to get our hands on a HDS’ unified storage technology test unit, and we’re looking forward to the potential it has for building private cloud computing architectures. Our customers here at ASG love Hitachi’s storage virtualization, and being able to virtualize both Hitachi and non-Hitachi arrays while protecting investments in existing storage capacity all at more affordable pricing is a strong message to customers.

Read more of our blogs dedicated to virtualization technology, and then tell us what you see as trends in virtualization for 2013? Drop a comment below and tell us what you think.


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