The IT Summit – Seattle Show Wrap Up

Posted by Amy Besoushko
May 26, 2017

We recently sponsored the IT Summit in Seattle last week, and our consulting engineer Todd Martin gave a presentation – Why SDDC Whole is More than the Sum of Parts. Here’s a recap of his talk:

Virtualizing the datacenter has been in progress for the past 15 years, but not all virtualization paradigms have been equally successful. Many have made great strides in virtualized compute, but most enterprises have made only minimal progress in other areas of data center virtualization.

What’s missing in most contemporary data centers?

  • Software Defined Storage: Object Store and Data Lifecycle Management
  • Software Defined Network: SDN Gateways and Policy Based Overlays
  • Software Defined Compute: Storage and Data Aware Hypervisors

The three pillars of software-defined paradigms and technologies—when integrated as a whole—provide a complete solution of a software defined datacenter (SDDC). Technology in this ecosystem is evolving fast, and many software-based solutions are now mature and robust enterprise class. Embracing all the software-defined technology tiers is completely necessary to realize the value of the automated data center. These products provide a federated control plane that can be leveraged for increased efficiency and automation that has never before been so attainable. ASG has analyzed many products in this space and can provide a perspective on the available technology benefits and how best to integrate all the components of an SDDC.

Our team found the IT Summit to be a success for both ourselves and Nutanix. Todd's presentation was definitely a highlight of the show with nearly 65 attendees out of the 100 or so people who attended event in whole.

 Thanks to Todd, Nutanix, and all the attendees who made the show a success!



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