The Downside(s) of Cloud Computing Solutions

Posted by Mark Teter, Chief Technology Officer
August 28, 2012

Arthur Cole’s recent blog at IT Business Edge – Don’t Overlook the Downside of the Cloud – reiterates what we’ve been blogging about frequently—mainly that the security and reliability of cloud computing solutions depends on the cloud provider.

As Cole states:

"As things are shaping up now, enterprises are already laying the groundwork for a fully federated data infrastructure, with various resources and applications deployed across traditional, cloud and hybrid tiers. Expect performance issues to persist until IT can figure out what goes where."

From a cloud security perspective, the biggest vulnerability lies in the data. Depending on the type and sensitivity of the data in play, traditional and/or hybrid cloud models may be a safer alternative. We just recently posted a blog – 3 Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Computing Solutions Model – that speaks to data security.

Availability and performance—the other key variables that Cole mentions in his blog, and what we like to call overall reliability—are factors worthy of criticism. Amazon, Salesforce, and other cloud computing solutions providers have all experienced downtime recently, and there’s certainly no guarantee that more downtime won’t occur. How important is 100 percent uptime to your business? The answer to this question will help determine what level of influence the cloud will play in your infrastructure decisions.

Are cloud computing solutions worthy of your consideration? Yes! Can they play a huge role in reducing infrastructure costs and providing flexibility? Most definitely! Are there still some concerns that need IT’s attention. Absolutely!

About Mark Teter Before he retired from ASG in 2013, Mark Teter was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the author of 'Paradigm Shift: Seven Keys of Highly successful Linux and Open Source Adoptions.' As CTO, Mark regularly advised IT organizations, vendors, and government agencies, and he frequently conducted seminars and training programs.

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