The Current State of IT Infrastructure Preparedness for New Business Trends

Posted by Dustin Smith, Chief Technologist
October 1, 2014

In a recent survey from the IBM Institute for Business Value, “The IT Infrastructure Conversation: New Content, New Participants, New Tone,”  750 IT executives from 18 countries were questioned on the importance of IT infrastructure, the investments they’re making, and how they’re preparing for the future.

The results were interesting:

  • 71% of responders said that IT infrastructure plays an important role in optimizing revenue and profit and enabling competitive advantage
  • 62% plan to increase IT infrastructure investment in the next 18 months, with just over 10% of those planning for an increase of more than 10%
  • 96% feel that IT is more than just a tool for day-to-day business
  • Only 7% feel their current IT infrastructure is prepared for cloud computing demands
  • 96% feel their IT infrastructure is prepared to handle the proliferation of mobile and smart devices (BYOD)
  • 91% do not think their existing IT infrastructure is prepared to address the growing use of social media and related collaborative platforms
  • 100% felt their IT infrastructure was ready to integrate, leverage and analyze big data
  • 40% feel that non-IT lines of business will be involved in making infrastructure decisions surrounding devices, security, and cloud computing
  • 70% say they are not collaborating with lines of business in providing IT infrastructure solutions
  • The top security threats mentioned by survey responders include rogue admins and privileged insiders and social media use

What’s interesting about the survey results, and IBM mentions this in their findings too, is that the leading companies are working with business functions within their organizations to develop IT infrastructure and taking their needs into consideration. These companies are ultimately providing greater competitive advantage by tackling perceived threats and being proactive at doing so.

In a couple of recent blog posts, we’ve touched on the fact that lines of business are adopting the public cloud whether companies realize it or not. The grasp that IT used to have on the network perimeter is, in almost all cases, non-existent today. This is thanks in part to cloud computing and the many applications now available, BYOD, and the Shadow IT that all this creates. Because this movement is almost inevitable, the companies that are positioning themselves for success are embracing these shifts and working with lines of business to facilitate them best.

About Dustin Smith Throughout his twenty-year career, Dustin Smith has specialized in designing enterprise architectural solutions. As the Chief Technologist, Dustin is responsible for the strategic direction of aligning the company’s growing consulting services with the client challenges he finds in the field, and he works closely with his regional architects to design new programs to address these issues.

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