Survey Results are In: Integrating BYOD with Security and Productivity in Mind

Posted by Amy Besoushko
December 19, 2012

If you don’t subscribe to  ASGInsights – our quarterly newsletter – you might have missed our BYOD survey results that we published in our September issue. We asked our subscribers a number of questions about their BYOD practices around acceptance, corporate network security, and productivity, and here’s what we learned:

1. Does your organization allow or encourage employee-owned devices to be used in the workplace?

72% - Yes

28% - No

2. If your business allows employees to bring their own devices, do you believe it helps with productivity?

71% - Yes

13% - No

16% - Not allowed

3. 50% of responders bring between two and three devices to work regularly.

4. Of real interest… For those organizations that encourage or allow employee-owned devices in the workplace, only 50% provide tech support on those devices.

5. If you use your own devices at work, which would you say are your greatest motivators for doing so?

56% - Ease of use/not having to carry or use multiple sets of devices

36% - Multi-tasking is the second most important

47% - Ability to incorporate chosen apps for work purposes is the third most important

48% - Saving money is least important

6. Has your company expanded its security protocol due to BYOD?

60% - Yes, there are stricter guidelines in place

34% - No

6% - Don’t know

This is another interesting response, considering the devastating effect of security breaches in today’s businesses. According to the 2011 ISACA IT Risk/Reward Barometer, over 56% of U.S. security professionals consider employee-owned mobile devices as the greatest security risk faced by their organizations. No doubt this facet will face greater scrutiny as the BYOD trend continues to grow.

What is your company’s policy on BYOD? If it’s allowed, what do you think it’s done for security and productivity in the office place? Drop a comment below.

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