Supporting the Use of Big Data

Posted by Amy Besoushko
June 13, 2012

Big Data is certainly getting a lot of press lately, especially with the exponential growth rates that we’re seeing—thanks in part to a myriad of connected devices. But what does this mean to IT groups? In this short video, our CTO, Mark Teter, discusses Big Data and how it’s changing the way internal IT is supporting its use.

As Mark summarizes…

“As far as the impact to the data center, big data is all about the ABCs—Analytics, Bandwidth and Content. Analytics will bring new tools based around the Hadoop framework, Bandwidth will necessitate the use of higher speed networks such as Data Center Bridging (DCB), and Content will mandate that IT gets involved with the input, output, tracking, retention, reuse and repurpose of data, or the data management aspects of big data.”

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