SheTech - A Bright Future for Colorado Women in Technology

Posted by Liz Stuart, Vice President of Sales Operations
June 13, 2017

Last Thursday, it was my honor to participate in the first SheTech Explorer Day in Colorado.


Organized by the Colorado Technology Association (CTA) and held at the Commons on Champa, SheTech was a day for girls in 9th through 11th grades to gain hands-on experience in STEM fields and to work with professional women from a variety of backgrounds and industries.

The day kicked off with several TechZone activities, where SheTech participants had an opportunity to learn about building personal computers, solar panels, augmented reality, and so much more. At the same time, SheTech offered hands-on workshops. In an AT&T workshop, the girls built circuit boards. In a DigitalGlobe workshop, they mapped and identified seals in Antarctica using live satellite imagery.

During the second half of the day, the girls were randomly assigned to groups to collaborate and solve the TechChallenge—a problem involving a small rural town whose nearest grocery store was 50 miles away. The girls were asked to design an energy efficient and sustainable solution that would help deliver food to the town’s residents and provide a positive economic impact on the town.

Ultimately, the girls presented solutions that featured an impressive array of technologies including solar/wind/geothermal power, drones, vertical farming, and water reuse/recycling—just to name a few.


As one of the judges for the TechChallenge, I was particularly impressed with the girls’ teamwork and problem-solving skills. Even though they were put into teams with other girls they didn’t know, they collaborated and worked diligently to identify the best solutions possible.

ASG Account Executive Joey Shimp was a mentor during the TechChallenge. As she said, “It was such a privilege to meet so many aspiring astronauts, rocket scientists, mathematicians, and coders. I know their involvement in SheTech helped give them confidence to continue pursuing their dreams.”

The girls at SheTech are talented, collaborative, innovative—and they need mentors like the women in technology to coach and guide them. Women in Colorado are uniquely qualified to help these young ladies, and I believe that initiatives like SheTech will help close the gender gap we have in STEM fields.

Congratulations to the CTA foundation for an incredible event that’s sure to grow and provide additional opportunity for Colorado tech companies to get involved and help these girls explore opportunities to learn, network, and find their tribe.

SheTech offered a glimpse into the future of Colorado, and the future looks bright for women in technology. If you’d like to participate yourself, check out some of the other Technical Talent initiatives by the CTA or donate to the Women in Technology Scholarship Fund.


Photo credit to Colorado Technology Association

About Liz Stuart Liz Stuart first joined ASG in 2000 as a member of the inside sales team. Quickly recognizing her value, the management team promoted her to the Manager of Vendor Services. Today, Liz serves as the Vice President of Sales Operations, where she plays a critical role developing new processes and procedures and managing the company’s strategic vendor relationships.

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