Overcoming Remote Office, Small Office Business Challenges with the PowerEdge VRTX Converged Appliance

Posted by Chris Morean, Dell Strategic Alliance Manager
February 4, 2016

While the challenges of IT are certainly complex regardless of the size of your organization, the remote office/branch office locations (ROBOs) and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) face unique complexities. Fortunately, the Dell PowerEdge VRTX is uniquely positioned to overcome these challenges. It’s one of the first integrated IT solutions designed specifically for the ROBO and SME office environments, and it combines servers, storage, networking, and management in a single chassis built with acoustics and security in mind.

In particular, this rapidly deployable solution addresses these IT convergence challenges:

  1. Disparate systems. Many ROBO and SME office locations have been pieced together over time, with perhaps one, two, or even three virtualized servers, shared external storage, maybe a network switch or two. Often these systems are from different technology vendors. Keeping these disparate systems operational in light of new technologies and hurdles is no easy task.
  2. Multiple systems management tools. All these disparate systems have different management tools and processes that must be learned. This makes even simple changes complex, cumbersome, and time consuming—not to mention laden with the possibilities of failure or expensive downtime.
  3. Poor fit. Many of the systems and products on the market for ROBO or SME markets are repackaged enterprise solutions that don’t make sense for the needs of smaller environments. They’re often too big for the location and space available, they’re louder than necessary, require dedicated power and cooling systems, and often need technical expertise to manage and run.

The PowerEdge VRTX offers an integrated platform that delivers a holistic solution:

  • Servers: The PowerEdge VRTX accommodates up to four PowerEdge server nodes with multiple configurations that can deliver performance and virtualization or a workhorse server for business-critical back-end databases and applications.
  • Storage: The PowerEdge VRTX can add up to 25 hard disk drives (48TB) of shared storage via SAS, NLSAS, or SAS SSD hot plug drives. This eliminates the need for external storage, reducing the costs and complexities associated with cabling, powering, and managing multiple storage devices.
  • Networking: The PowerEdge VRTX has a built-in IO module for supporting Ethernet traffic using multiple configurations to uplink to the network, creating flexibility without bottlenecks.
  • Management: The PowerEdge VRTX offers a unified management platform covering server nodes, storage, networking, and power—along with deployment, monitoring, updates, and maintenance, which reduces complexity while saving time and money.

The PowerEdge VRTX can provide the ROBO and SME environments with the simplicity, efficiency, and versatility they need to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. You can check out more on the PowerEdge VRTX at the Dell site, or reach out to us.

About Chris Morean As the Dell Strategic Alliance Manager at ASG, Chris Morean successfully launched Dell as one of the company’s top industry partners, all within the inaugural year of the partnership. Today, he continues to manage our strategic alignment with Dell and to serve as the driving force behind our thriving relationship.

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