Our Founders Featured in The Coloradan - The Building of ASG

Posted by Amy Besoushko
March 7, 2012

The Coloradan Alumni magazine recently did a profile of ASG’s three founders – John Murphy, David Sosnowski, and Dan Park – all class of 1977 and how they came together in the 80’s to create ASG. Here’s the article…

Buddies build business

John Murphy (Mktg’77), David Sosnowski (CivEngr’77) and Dan Park (CivEngr’77), pictured left to right, moved to Kittredge in 1973, quickly finding they shared a passion for skiing and adventure, interests that would serve as a foundation for their friendship and formation of a multimillion-dollar business.

After graduation, the three young men separated to begin their new lives, reuniting for yearly ski trips. Yet, in the late ’80s, they began joining forces. In 1989 John worked as executive vice president at David’s start-up computing business in Denver. The union solidified their business, Advanced Systems Group (ASG), and Dan joined the company in 1995 as chief information officer.

“The dream was always running our own business,” David says.

ASG focuses on consulting with large companies on ways to best implement methods for storing vast amounts of computer data. It employs more than 110 people at 12 locations across the western and southern U.S. including Baton Rouge, La., Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle.

In the rapidly changing technological field, the business must employ engineers who are at the forefront of technology. John says that ASG is a “trusted adviser on technology” as it must stay 6-12 months ahead of existing technology in order to account for the crucial storage needs of a computer. Finding ways to keep enormous amounts of computer storage secure and easily accessible can be difficult, but the founders use outside resources when necessary.

“Clients we do well with are the ones with complex problems,” David says. “It’s a solutions business.”

David does the accounting, John handles sales and Dan works on the technical side of things. The three have a laid-back business style and focus on taking care of their employees, while continually searching for top-notch engineers. The next initiative at ASG will be to help clients build private digital clouds for their companies’ computer storage needs.

As the friends reminisce about their times at CU, they recall the bond created among them and the success it continues to bring to their thriving business.

“It’s great to be empowered,” Dan says. “Sometimes we make mistakes, but that’s how we learn and grow together.”

— Christie Sounart

You can check out the article online at the Coloradan as well.

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