New FlexPod Solution Addresses Big Data Needs

Posted by Eric Eiseman, Senior Systems Architect
August 19, 2013

As a FlexPod Premium Partner, we pay close attention to updates from NetApp and Cisco, and they just made an exciting announcement. To begin, they added FlexPod Select, which they built for data-intensive workloads (think big data). They also updated some of their branding. ExpressPod is now called FlexPod Express, and it targets midsized businesses and organizations with branch offices. Their enterprise data center solution, previously called FlexPod, is now called FlexPod Data Center.

The FlexPod solution utilizes the leading technologies from NetApp and Cisco to form a prevalidated, fully tested architecture solution that allows you to move your data center to the cloud.

FlexPod Select is designed for dedicated, high-performance workloads such as Big Data, HPC, and video analytics. FlexPod Select with Hadoop is the first set of reference designs in the FlexPod Select family. These preconfigured, validated solutions combine storage, networking, and servers—all integrated with Hadoop to create a state-of-the-art architecture that accelerates time to value, reduces risk in deploying Hadoop, and yields insights faster.

From the NetApp press release:

FlexPod Select with Hadoop includes two validated configurations:  FlexPod Select with Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH) and FlexPod Select with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). Both configurations enable the accelerated deployment of a highly available, enterprise-class Hadoop environment on the FlexPod Select architecture.


FlexPod Select is the first family in the FlexPod portfolio to address targeted workloads, such as high-performance applications. Initially, the new category will target data-intensive requirements of Hadoop based big data applications in financial services, government, retail manufacturing, and other markets. Organizations will be able to deploy FlexPod Select easily and to scale seamlessly as application requirements grow.

The FlexPod solutions allow you to move your data center to the cloud with a prevalidated, fully-tested architecture solution that utilizes leading technologies. It simultaneously supports a variety of mixed application workloads and can be optimized for virtual desktop or server infrastructures, multi-tenancy, or private/public cloud computing environments.

If you’d like more information on how the FlexPod solutions might benefit your data center consolidation or cloud computing initiatives, feel free to contact us or drop a comment below.

About Eric Eiseman As a premier subject matter expert at ASG, Eric Eiseman assists and guides customers through their design and architectural decisions. In particular, Eric has developed a thorough technical knowledge of VMware, Cisco Unified Computing Solutions, FlexPod, and Red Hat products throughout his extensive career as a system administrator and senior consultant.

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