New Entry-Level FlexPod Data Center Infrastructure Solution

Posted by Amy Besoushko
April 9, 2012

Have you heard? NetApp and Cisco are expanding their FlexPod architecture to make it an entry-level cloud computing option. The new FlexPod solution will use NetApp’s FAS2000 entry-level storage systems and Cisco’s rack-mounted UCS devices. It’s also going to have iSCSI boot support, and it’s sure to expand cloud computing opportunities to a wider audience.

Here are some highlights from NetApp’s announcement:

>> Offering price and scale that’s sized for business application workloads with 500 to 1000 users, the entry-level FlexPod solution allows customers to invest only in the infrastructure they require and allow for simple and rapid scaling to meet growing demands as their business needs change.

>> Customers gain investment protection with the new entry-level FlexPod solution, which easily scales to larger enterprises by simply adding incremental capacity as their needs grow for larger application workloads.

>> The entry-level FlexPod for the first time combines the NetApp® entry-level FAS2240 and the Cisco UCS™ C-Series Cisco Nexus 5000® Switches, Cisco® Nexus 2232 Fabric Extender, and Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnects.

>> Similar to other FlexPod pre-validated solutions, this entry level FlexPod provides greater flexibility and customer choice, supporting multiple hypervisors and business applications to help accelerate deployment of private clouds.

>> Since Cisco and NetApp first announced FlexPod in November 2010, it has grown to become an extremely popular converged infrastructure platform. FlexPod is available worldwide through more than 500 FlexPod partners and more than 850 customers use FlexPod for their data center infrastructure – representing more than 400% growth in customer adoption in less than a year.

We’re impressed with what we’ve seen from FlexPod thus far and have blogged about it several times. Our most recent blog on FlexPod – 6 Benefits of VMware vSphere Built on NetApp’s FlexPod Infrastructure Solution – highlights some of the things we feel make FlexPod a fantastic cloud computing solution.

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