NAND Flash - The Most Disruptive Technology in 50 Years

Posted by Amy Besoushko
May 18, 2011

NAND Flash is poised to be the most disruptive technology to come along in quite some time. Does it signal the end of hard disk drives? Not exactly. In the following video taken from the Innotech Conference in Portland, Mark Teter discusses NAND flash, its benefits and barriers to entry, and the state of the hard drive.

Some highlights…

  • NAND flash can replace up to 1,000 disk drives with its performance
  • Uses 1/5 the power of hard drives making it one of the greenest technologies available
  • Little or no power consumption when it’s not being used
  • The price of NAND flash should likely be reduced 50% in the next 12 months



Mark Teter is CTO of Advanced Systems Group, and frequent speaker at technology conferences. Stay tuned for additional video blogs from Mark on how to leverage flash, the top 5 barriers to cloud computing solutions growth, and the cloud computing decision framework.

About Amy Besoushko Amy Besoushko has over 15 years of experience in IT marketing and a specialized skill set in graphic design and communication. As the Marketing Director at ASG, she manages all marketing activities by leveraging her in-depth understanding of technology trends, project/campaign design and execution, online marketing, and budget planning.

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