Mark Teter Retires from ASG

Posted by Dan Park, Chief Information Officer
July 8, 2013

It is with my sincere congratulations that I announce Mark Teter is retiring after many years of service to ASG and our industry.

We were a small company when Mark first joined us—with 10 million in revenue and just two offices in Denver and Salt Lake City. Today, we’ve grown to nine offices throughout the Western United States and 160 million in revenue, and  Mark has been instrumental to that growth—first in the delivery of our consulting services, then as an architect, and finally as our Chief Technology Officer.

(Even after Mark broke the neck of our Executive Vice President during a skiing accident, we kept him around—that fact alone speaks volumes about his value to our company!)

I had the honor of interviewing Mark all those years ago, and I’ll never forget the résumé he delivered to our office. It was a work of art—perfectly formatted on 11x17 inch “A” size paper. Back then, that was an uncommon paper size, and only the most serious of engineers knew of its existence. The other owners and I were immediately impressed with his ingenuity, and as I look back now, I can see how his résumé was representative of the top quality work and meticulous attention to detail that he delivered daily here at ASG.

During his long tenure as Chief Technology Officer, Mark has published prodigiously on our company blog and contributed countless articles to the leading industry publications. He also found time to write a successful book, Paradigm Shift: Seven Keys of Highly Successful Linux and Open Source Adoptions. Through it all, Mark has demonstrated extraordinary vision and leadership—not only at ASG, but also in his immeasurable involvement in the technology industry and outstanding relationships with the vendor communities.

Today we thank Mark for 18 years of insight and dedication to ASG, and we wish him a wonderful retirement with his wife Laurie. Together with our partners and our customers, we hope he continues to write—maybe a new book or perhaps a personal travel blog as he sails the Greek Isles…

You have our best wishes, Mark!

About Dan Park The Chief Information Officer at ASG, Dan Park oversees all IT support operations for the company—including virtualization, cloud services, business automation, social collaboration, security, data management, financial systems, and desktop applications. In this role, Dan identifies, executes, and delivers state-of-the-art technology solutions with a true hands-on approach to guiding business efficiencies within the company.

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