Maintenance and Support Services - Asset Tracking Portal Demo

Posted by Billie Mohrbach, Director of Enterprise Contracts
September 29, 2014

Large companies and enterprises often have numerous IT support and maintenance contracts in play at any given time. We can help you manage these contracts by exploring your various options, which include:

  • Inventory reviews and true ups
  • Co-term and consolidation strategies
  • Asset tracking

With a Support Renewals Health Check, we can review your inventory, your levels of service (LOS) as well as prepare you for any assets that may be nearing their End of Service Life (EOSL). We can also perform inventory true ups—a process in which we determine which assets you’ve added or de-commissioned, and then we compare this inventory against your maintenance renewals, so you don’t experience any denials of coverage or waste money on support you don’t need.

Finally, we can load your assets into our asset tracking portal so you can easily access all the relevant information you need to track and manage your support contracts. Check out a demo of this portal in the short video below:

About Billie Mohrbach As the Director of Enterprise Contracts at ASG, Billie regularly works with companies to simplify their support contract management processes. Throughout her 15-year career as an IT professional, Billie has raised the bar in preserving IT budgets, sorting out critical support and maintenance contract issues, and delivering unsurpassed client satisfaction.

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