Leveraging Failure-Proof Systems and Big Data Analytics to Create Business Advantages

Posted by Amy Besoushko
December 2, 2012

With traditional data backup, you copy of the entirety of your data, and then you store those copies in separate locations. This technique is expensive, and is not very tolerable of failure.

Cleversafe’s “data dispersal” technology is similar in that it stores your data across several physical locations--but Cleversafe only needs to store one instance of your data, plus a little bit of overhead. Cleversafe then slices up your data into multiple pieces, and stores it across many

In this episode, Mark Teter of ASG and Russ Kennedy of Cleversafe discuss how Cleversafe’s exascale systems can tolerate failures of data center, servers, and network –without limiting availability efficiency, reliability.locations. Finally, these slices of data are encrypted and stored along with its keys.

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