Join Us at the LayerOne Security Conference

Posted by John Norman, Senior Consulting Engineer
May 25, 2016

This weekend, May 28-29, ASG is sponsoring LayerOne, the annual computer security conference located in Los Angeles, California.  

LayerOne 2016, to be held at Sheraton Gateway LAX, will feature a wide array of speakers and topics that include hacking commercial ATMs and safes, Kerberos party tricks, HIPAA breaches, and home networking security. The conference will focus not only on the nuts and bolts of the technology but the social impact as well.

There will also be plenty of hands-on events. For example, you can take introductory training sessions on lock picking and hacking, or you can participate in one of the conference’s many competitions, such as:

  • A Tamper-Evident Contest—Showcase your ability to bypass the physical security features of tamper-evident devices.
  • Capture the Flag—Test your knowledge of web hacking, system hacking, forensics, reverse engineering, and crypto.
  • Robot Battles—Pit your poorly constructed robots against other last-minute creations in a Sumo-style arena.

As a regular presenter and attendee, I can confirm that this conference has something for everyone. We hope to see you there. If you’re attending, stop by the Hardware Hacking Village, where I’ll be running workshops, and be sure to check out the ASG table in the registration and vendor area!

About John Norman An active member of the Southern California information security community, John Norman has accumulated over 16 years of experience and cross-platform certified training with the industry’s leading storage, server, networking, and security technologies. As a consulting engineer at ASG, John has a proven track record of designing superior, customer-focused IT solutions with an emphasis on IT security.

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