IT For Non-Traditional Learners - Learn Linux!

Posted by Anthony Sayre, Strategic Alliance Manager
January 12, 2017

Many of us need more technical skills to keep ourselves relevant in the job market and help us avoid getting left behind by modern IT requirements. But there are a lot of new applications and technologies; those of us without the time or money to pursue traditional courses or certifications could use some help cutting through the hype and getting down to the real work of learning.

That’s why ASG and the Software Freedom School are providing an accelerated cooperative learning event to help mere mortals understand what they need to know about Linux.

Most technologies today are based on the Linux operating system. This event focuses on the critical value of Linux and how it’s embedded in most new compute appliance solutions. The future of cloud is happening right now—and you’ll learn the information you need to participate in the cloud technology conversations with an understanding of what’s actually possible.

Plus, we’re taking a “Zero Previous Knowledge” approach, so there are no pre-requisites. This communal exchange will give experienced and novice users alike a feel for the environment and its vast capabilities.

We’ll also have experts on-hand to walk you through workshops on everything from the basics of Linux for beginners to more advanced automation, no-SQL database, and object storage.

Best of all, you won’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars or quit your normal life for months!


Saturday, January 28
10:00 am – 1:00 pm.


Advanced Systems Group
12405 Grant Street
Thornton, CO


You can learn more and sign up here:

About Anthony Sayre Anthony Sayre is a Strategic Alliance Manager at ASG and our resident expert for Hitachi Data Systems and Brocade solutions. Within a mere five years, Anthony has helped make ASG one of Hitachi’s top commercial partners. Today, ASG has the highest level of certifications of any other Hitachi VAR nationwide.

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