Is Data Center Convergence Right for My Organization?

Posted by Dustin Smith, Chief Technologist
June 1, 2016

Data center convergence maximizes the value and utilization of data center assets, so converged infrastructure solutions can deliver greater resource utilization rates and faster application provisioning. Best of all, companies can achieve these time and cost savings without sacrificing performance and reliability.

In recent blog posts, we’ve written about unified computing platforms from both HDS and Cisco, that offer tremendous opportunity for small, midsized, and enterprise organizations alike. But is data center convergence right for your data center? Consider these questions:

  • Have you had a solution fail because of an inability to integrate ‘best-of-breed’ products?
  • If you’ve had issues integrating products or experienced support contention between vendors, do you know what these problems ultimately cost your business?
  • If you implement disparate solutions in your data center, are you also adding additional staff to support them?
  • Are the support requirements and training of your staff presenting a burden on the IT administration?
  • Are you concerned that converged infrastructure solutions represent the new ‘black boxes’ that carry inherent risks to your business?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then unified computing should likely be on your radar, and our unified computing technology workshop is a great place to start. It’s advertised as less expensive, easier to use, and more flexible than traditional management approaches, but is unified computing really a better strategy for your organization? In our workshop, we’ll address your questions in the context of your current application infrastructure and discuss where you are on the virtualization deployment curve.

Our technology workshops are a true, vendor-neutral validation of infrastructure and best practices within an industry vertical. By representing the technologies and not the vendors, our workshops are about sharing insights from in-depth research and extensive experiences—to help generate plans, roadmaps, and the designs needed to support a company’s technical efforts.

In addition to our unified computing workshop, we offer technology workshops covering:

About Dustin Smith Throughout his twenty-year career, Dustin Smith has specialized in designing enterprise architectural solutions. As the Chief Technologist, Dustin is responsible for the strategic direction of aligning the company’s growing consulting services with the client challenges he finds in the field, and he works closely with his regional architects to design new programs to address these issues.

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