Introducing the iLab - A Data Center Technology Demonstration Sandbox

Posted by Mark Teter, Chief Technology Officer
January 30, 2013

Check out the video below for a sneak peek into our new iLab, a full-functioning demonstration center and solution-set playground.

Our iLab maintains the latest equipment and software from today’s leading infrastructure vendors, including Hitachi Data Systems, NetApp, Oracle, HP, Brocade, Cisco and more.  The ASG iLab is a "break/fix" area, a research area, a sandbox area, and a demo area... All in one!

We’re one of the only systems integrators that offers a demonstration center where you can see a wide array of complete end-to-end solutions, and we can even replicate your environment on those solutions to show you exactly what each solution would look like operating in your business.

So come in and "kick the tires" with the industry's latest converged infrastructure solutions. You can see exactly how you might benefit – or not benefit – from the use of this new technology in your IT environment.  You can demo this equipment in person (Denver, CO) or from any ASG location across the country.

About Mark Teter Before he retired from ASG in 2013, Mark Teter was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the author of 'Paradigm Shift: Seven Keys of Highly successful Linux and Open Source Adoptions.' As CTO, Mark regularly advised IT organizations, vendors, and government agencies, and he frequently conducted seminars and training programs.

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