HP Discover Wrap Up

Posted by Mark Teter, Chief Technology Officer
June 21, 2012

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend HP Discover—Hewlett-Packard's annual showcase and technology event for customers and partners. This year, it was held at the Venetian/Palazzo in Las Vegas, and HP definitely went all out.  The display space was so massive you couldn’t help but be impressed with the depth and breadth of what HP has to offer.

The event also featured a considerable number of breakout sessions. Personally, I chose to spend the majority of my time in the storage breakouts. I also took advantage of a three-day 3PAR training before the show.  Here’s a quick snapshot of what I learned:

- 3PAR is definitely the focus for HP storage. After my training, I’m convinced it’s a solid product with some good technological differentiators.

- HP announced direct connect for 3PAR at the show.  (This allows you to direct connect your 3PAR array into your Virtual Connect infrastructure without needing FC switches.)  Direct connect is one of the things people like about Cisco UCS, and this announcement is clearly HP’s response.

- StoreOnce dedupe is also big push for HP.  They’re definitely trying to position it as the high end/ performance answer to EMC’s Data Domain.  I do think it has some good features such as clustered nodes that make it worth investigating.

- XP (HDS VSP) was on display and there were no signs this relationship is going away any time soon.

- LeftHand support for Fibre Channel may be coming soon.

In general, there was a lot of talk about the whole mobility/BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) space.  In fact, one of the keynote speakers—the editor of Wired—was so enthusiastic about it he took out his, uh, iPhone.

Everyone was talking about phones and tablets and how important these devices will become in the future.  Currently, HP doesn’t sell a phone or a tablet, and they made no announcements regarding these products at the show. However, they do have some solutions spanning many groups—including HP’s services organization.

This has been a difficult year for HP, but with the depth and breadth of their product lines and the excellent showcase they presented this event, HP reaffirmed their top position in the technology industry. Overall, it was a very impressive show and I think customers left with a positive feeling about HP.


About Mark Teter Before he retired from ASG in 2013, Mark Teter was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the author of 'Paradigm Shift: Seven Keys of Highly successful Linux and Open Source Adoptions.' As CTO, Mark regularly advised IT organizations, vendors, and government agencies, and he frequently conducted seminars and training programs.

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