Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform - A Success Story Part One

Posted by Anthony Sayre, Strategic Alliance Manager
January 22, 2012

A quiet storm has been brewing at Advanced Systems Group. The Hitachi Data Systems Virtual Storage Platform (VSP), Hitachi’s flagship enterprise storage solution, has been quietly taking the data center world by storm. The Hitachi VSP can only be described as a smash hit since its introduction a year ago. With a full sales pipeline and 24 units sold or in process of implementation (that’s a lot—trust me), the VSP is fulfilling mid-range to enterprise needs for mission critical primary storage, disaster recovery, virtual desktop infrastructure, public and private cloud, archival and more.

We can’t sell VSP solutions fast enough, for two reasons: the scale/consolidation abilities of the VSP and its unmatched reliability. Today, I’ll just discuss the first of these features—scale/consolidation.


The VSP can be a diskless storage virtualization engine, and/or it can scale up to over 2000 2.5” disk drives. Plus, it can virtualize up to 255 petabytes (!) of external storage, which is key to Hitachi’s ability to scale and consolidate older legacy systems under one management tool. Here at ASG, we’re witnessing first-hand just how powerful the scale/consolidation story can be. Here’s an example:

One of our clients, a Colorado based e-marketing company, provides many cloud services to fortune 500 companies around the world. As new projects for their clients come up, they often need to move data on the fly from lower to higher storage tiers, run the project, and then move the data back. Without Hitachi’s storage virtualization features like tiered storage management, this wouldn’t be possible without hiring many more IT storage administrators, taking systems down, migrating data, and booting them back up again—a nightmarish task for any data center manager, but especially in this company’s multiple petabyte data center.


ASG engineers architected a VSP solution that’s in the implementation process now, and will consolidate the customer’s 1.3PB of storage spread across 111 devices to 1.6PB across just 11(!) devices in a streamlined virtualized storage environment with automated tiering and DR. This wouldn’t have been possible without the VSP’s consolidation and massive scaling abilities.

In my next post, I’ll discuss the second of the VSP’s most desired features—its outstanding reliability. In the mean time, feel free to share your own Hitachi success story in the comments below. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more about the VSP or our other Hitachi solutions.


About the Author
Anthony Sayre is an Advanced Product Specialist at ASG and our resident expert for Hitachi Data Systems solutions. You can contact him at asayre (at)

About Anthony Sayre Anthony Sayre is a Strategic Alliance Manager at ASG and our resident expert for Hitachi Data Systems and Brocade solutions. Within a mere five years, Anthony has helped make ASG one of Hitachi’s top commercial partners. Today, ASG has the highest level of certifications of any other Hitachi VAR nationwide.

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