Hitachi Data Systems - Enterprise Storage Arrays Earn High Marks

Posted by Anthony Sayre, Strategic Alliance Manager
March 18, 2013

Hitachi Data Systems is back on top, having earned the highest marks in the first three Quality Award honors in the enterprise storage array category. As Hitachi’s number one commercial partner, we’re elated, as this recognition validates our commitment to their solutions.

From the article announcing their top honors

Hitachi's overall score of 6.78 is the highest ever registered in the eight enterprise array surveys we've conducted, bettering NetApp's 6.71 from a couple of years ago. It was also only the second time the winning enterprise vendor scored top marks in all five categories, as Hitachi equaled its own feat achieved way back on the second Quality Awards for enterprise arrays survey.

The scores speak volumes:

Overall rating – 6.78: “Hitachi Data Systems recouped the crown it ceded five years ago with a clean sweep of the five ratings categories to prevail over some tough competition, especially from EMC and IBM.”

Sales-force competence – 6.84: “Hitachi outran all competitors with top marks for all six statements in this category to register a 6.84 average with remarkably consistent ratings that ranged from 6.73 to 6.95. Hitachi had the highest statement rating for ‘My sales rep understands my business.’”

Initial product quality – 6.57: “This was the most competitive category, with all five vendors bunched up between 6.33 (NetApp and HP) and Hitachi’s top mark. Hitachi's 6.96 for ‘This product was installed without any defects’ was the highest mark among all vendors in this category.”

Product features – 6.70: “Hitachi prevailed again with its 6.70 score providing a slim margin over EMC’s 6.64. Indeed, the two vendors split supremacy in this category, with Hitachi on top for four statements and EMC leading on three. Hitachi just missed 7.00 scores for capacity scaling and interoperability with other vendors' products, which might not be so surprising as its gear is also a virtualization platform.”

Product reliability – 7.00: “Once again, Hitachi was at the forefront, but in a big way this time by racking up a category score of 7.00; this isn’t only the highest reliability mark we’ve ever seen, but it’s also the first time an enterprise array earned a 7.00 in any category.”

Technical support – 6.76: “Hitachi went on to lead the field on seven of the eight statements in this critical category. In fact, Hitachi’s category average of 6.76 just edged out NetApp’s 6.74 from a year ago to rank as the best mark ever in this category for enterprise arrays.”

Just last month, IDC published their report – IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Scale-Out File-Based Storage 2012 Vendor Analysis that assesses the capabilities and business strategies of leading vendors in this space. According to that report…

The ability to provide file-based storage for enterprise environments that is at the same grade as its other storage offerings has helped HDS tremendously increase the value of its proposition for existing and potential customers. BlueArc [2011 acquisition] and now HDS have largely proven that their HNAS solution is solid and in many ways leading edge, especially in terms of performance and scale… HDS has a global coverage, a strong vertical expertise, and sales and distribution enablement. Its focus on, and investment in, particular vertical markets such as media and entertainment remain top priorities moving forward.

These accolades reinforce Hitachi Data Systems’ commitment to a storage array that delivers superior performance and reliability, something our customers have come to expect and enjoy. As a key partner for HDS, we’re excited to be part of these honors and look forward to what the future holds.

About Anthony Sayre Anthony Sayre is a Strategic Alliance Manager at ASG and our resident expert for Hitachi Data Systems and Brocade solutions. Within a mere five years, Anthony has helped make ASG one of Hitachi’s top commercial partners. Today, ASG has the highest level of certifications of any other Hitachi VAR nationwide.

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