HDS Poised for Continued Growth in Cloud and Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Posted by Dustin Smith, Chief Technologist
February 18, 2014

Last week, Hu Yoshida of Hu’s Blog, commented on a post from StorageNewsletter, which reported Hitachi Data Systems’ stellar earnings and noted that HDS was ‘one of the rare storage giants’ that is ready to execute this year in hardware as well as in systems. Props to HDS!

As cloud computing solutions and converged data center solutions grow, separating storage and the server hardware becomes cumbersome. Storage venders that need to rely on third party server vendors for hardware lose control of overall solution strategy and growth, something that HDS doesn’t need to worry about.

As Hu states in his blog:

Fortunately for HDS, x86 blade and rack servers have been developed by Hitachi ltd since 2004, and it was easy to integrate them into our portfolio and our cloud strategy. Hitachi’s advanced x86 blade servers are designed to scale in 3 dimensions with features only found in RISC based servers. Scale up as an 8 way SMP, scale out as separate nodes, and scale deep through logical partitioning.

The results of this strategy paid off in their FY 2013, with storage solutions growth at 18 percent quarter over quarter. Ultimately, this benefits our data center, cloud computing, and converged infrastructure clients as well. Hitachi can provide its customers a choice and is ready to execute high value solutions in this new world with an integrated development strategy for converged infrastructure solutions and cloud computing.

We’re proud to be a strong HDS partner!

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