HDS in the Wake of the Dell – EMC Merger

Posted by Anthony Sayre, Strategic Alliance Manager
October 20, 2015

With the recent Dell/EMC merger announcement, we’re all reminded that the trend of large companies merging to create even larger mega-corporations continues unabated. It begs the question: Who’s next?

As the Hitachi Strategic Alliance Manager at ASG, I wondered how Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) would respond. I’ve always regarded HDS as a stalwart that generally avoids such talk—and they’ve remained a good independent storage company and a great partner to ASG. But the Dell/EMC announcement even made me wonder if HDS would get gobbled up soon. 

A couple of days ago, Greg Knieriemen, an HDS Technology Evangelist/Strategist, posted HDS’ response. In short, Greg said that HDS is not looking to get bought. The company is purposefully focusing on innovating new products and services rather than looking for the temporary shelter that a mega-merger would provide. HDS would rather acquire small, forward-looking companies with a lot of potential to increase the company’s value incrementally. HDS is confident that it’ll benefit from this strategy while others preoccupy themselves with the chaos and uncertainty that often accompanies such large mergers. 

In fact, I’d like to highlight one of HDS’ recent strategic acquisitions: Pentaho—a big data analytics company that creates schemas for Hadoop, Mongo, and other engines to create order out of chaos from the oceans of big data that are being generated today. 

Ever hear of Tidal? It’s just a little music streaming company put together by Jay Z and other big names in music. Tidal uses Pentaho to track multiple metrics for music streams, create dashboards for artists to see for themselves the activity on their music, keep track of artists’ payments and more. With help from Pentaho, Tidal achieved a substantial return on investment (ROI) within the first 6-8 months! 

(If you’re interested, you should also check out some pretty clever DIY creations that you can assemble using little more than Pentaho, a raspberry pi, and open source software.)


About Anthony Sayre Anthony Sayre is a Strategic Alliance Manager at ASG and our resident expert for Hitachi Data Systems and Brocade solutions. Within a mere five years, Anthony has helped make ASG one of Hitachi’s top commercial partners. Today, ASG has the highest level of certifications of any other Hitachi VAR nationwide.

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