Happy Anniversary NetApp and SolidFire!

Posted by Amy Besoushko
March 15, 2017

One year ago last month, NetApp completed its acquisition of SolidFire, and the company set out to redefine data center infrastructure. In fact, the acquisition helped NetApp secure a leadership position in the Gartner Solid State Array Magic Quadrant while making it the fastest growing all-flash provider.

With NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage, organizations can better consolidate applications and workloads onto an agile, predictable, automated storage infrastructure. Standalone applications, virtualized applications, and cloud infrastructures are all supported with SolidFire all-flash arrays, and help deliver what they call a “shared nothing” architecture, which eliminates silos of infrastructure that used to exist for each workload. This helps deliver the five key data center benefits that we blogged about late last year:

  1. Scale-out (versus scale-up)
  2. Guaranteed performance
  3. Automated management
  4. Data assurance
  5. Global efficiencies

The combination of NetApp and SolidFire future­ proofs your flash portfolio. It provides customers with the broadest array of all-­flash solutions in the industry, and it offers unrivaled speed, scale, and data services for rapidly evolving data center requirements.

As NetApp SolidFire VP and GM, Dave Wright, states in the recent press release announcing the one-year anniversary:

With much of the hard integration work behind us, the NetApp SolidFire team is now fully focused on delivering the next generation of transformative data management solutions across the entire spectrum of infrastructure consumption. With the full resources of NetApp behind us, you’ll want to keep an eye on NetApp SolidFire this year as we deliver new solutions that enable our customers to transform their data center operations, deliver IT services efficiently and economically, and capitalize on new market opportunities.

We’re certainly looking forward to seeing these new solutions, and we’ll be right here to share them with you. Happy Anniversary!

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