Habitat for Humanity – ASG and Cisco Making a Difference in Denver

Posted by Amy Besoushko
June 21, 2015

For the last few years, ASG has volunteered at Habitat for Humanity with our partner, Cisco. This year, we were at it again! We teamed up once more to be a part of the Mariposa project and build a home in the La Alma/Lincoln Park neighborhood for Mohamed Asbai and Karima Bouali.

Mohamed and Karima have two young children under the age of six.  They’re struggling to provide a safe and healthy environment for their family and are so grateful to have found Habitat Metro Denver.

La Alma Lincoln Park is a dynamic, mixed-use neighborhood that benefits from its variety of housing types, diversity of land uses, historic resources, proximity to downtown, presence of a transit station, strong job base within the neighborhood and in close proximity to it, the Santa Fe Arts district, nice parks, and its broad range of cultural and public facilities.

ASG is proud to have donated 140 hours on this project. You can check out all the pictures on our Facebook page. We’d like to thank our team and Cisco for making this dream a reality for Mohamed and Karima and their family!

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