FutureCast - Episode 5: Addressing Cloud Security and Privacy Concerns

Posted by Amy Besoushko
December 6, 2012

For many companies, the thought of storing their private data somewhere beyond their physical walls is a terrifying thought. They want to control their data to ensure its privacy and security to the best of their ability.

Cleversafe has created a cloud security model that could relinquish those worries. Their AONT (All or Nothing Transform) Security Model encrypts the different pieces of the data, and stores the keys in the data itself in different locations. This makes the data 100% cryptographically unrecognizable to anyone. It is so secure that two competitors could store their data on the same physical drives, and never have access to one another’s data.

Join Mark Teter of ASG and Russ Kennedy of Cleversafe for their final discussion on Cleversafe’s security model with its data dispersal method, and how ASG assessments can help customers select and then successfully deploy cloud computing strategies.

About Amy Besoushko Amy Besoushko has over 15 years of experience in IT marketing and a specialized skill set in graphic design and communication. As the Marketing Director at ASG, she manages all marketing activities by leveraging her in-depth understanding of technology trends, project/campaign design and execution, online marketing, and budget planning.

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