The Competitive Advantages of Cleversafe's "Data Dispersal" Technology and dsNet Analytics

Posted by Amy Besoushko
December 4, 2012

When data reaches the exascale size, it becomes extremely costly and inefficient to store copies of data as protection against failure. With 4.5 million disc drives making up 10 exabytes of real physical storage, it is inevitable that many of those drives will fail, but Cleversafe has created a data storage methodology that tolerates those failures.

Cleversafe also sees the inefficiencies of moving large-scale data in order to analyze it. Their dsNet analytics allow you to analyze your data within the storage network itself. This creates large cost savings, and gives a competitive advantage by allowing fast, reliable analysis of your data at any time, without having to pay to move it somewhere else for the same process.

In this episode, Mark Teter of ASG and Russ Kennedy of Cleversafe discuss the limitations and expense of traditional approaches to data storage, and how Cleversafe’s innovative “data dispersal” technology provides higher availability and reliability—and with increased security and reduced costs.

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