FutureCast - Episode 2: Cleversafe, Cloudera, and SNIA CDMI Standards [VIDEO]

Posted by Amy Besoushko
November 29, 2012

Cleversafe believes that cloud computing is the way of the future, and has partnered with Cloudera and Hadoop’s MapReduce technology to provide cutting-edge solutions to customers. These solutions work because SNIA CDMI standards allow technologies to easily work together in many different combinations.

In this episode, Mark Teter of ASG and Russ Kennedy of Cleversafe discuss cloud computing as a mainstream trend and how Cleversafe’s strategic partnership with Cloudera is delivering complex IT solutions that are easy for customers to consume.

About Amy Besoushko Amy Besoushko has over 15 years of experience in IT marketing and a specialized skill set in graphic design and communication. As the Marketing Director at ASG, she manages all marketing activities by leveraging her in-depth understanding of technology trends, project/campaign design and execution, online marketing, and budget planning.

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