FAS2500 Storage Arrays from NetApp - Tackling Data Growth and Cloud Adoption

Posted by Eric Eiseman, Senior Systems Architect
June 18, 2014

Data growth and cloud adoption–these recent challenges are straining many IT budgets that are already tight. When combined with the growing complexities inherent in many Windows®, VMware®, and server virtualization environments, things can spiral out of control quickly.

Our partner, NetApp, has addressed these challenges in their recent hybrid storage array – FAS2500. From what we’ve seen, FAS2500 looks capable of providing a tremendous value for the money, by simplifying data management and offering proven integration to the cloud.

Here are three key benefits we see companies realizing from FAS2500:

1. Deliver more value from your IT budget

FAS2500 does more, so you don’t need to invest in additional equipment, by including unified support for NAS and SAN workloads. It can be configured as a hybrid, or even all flash system, to meet your goals.

  • Unified platform makes IT more agile, serving NAS and SAN workloads
  • Best-in-class data management lowers operational costs, even as you grow
  • Enhanced hybrid arrays offer 48% more capacity, 46% more performance
  • Expanded system capabilities increase system life, minimizing acquisition costs

2. Simplify operations and increase productivity

FAS2500 is designed to reduce complexity and increase efficiency for storage administrators. Bottom line… you don’t need to be a storage expert.

  • Automated tools help reduce setup time to less than 30 minutes
  • Easy to use GUIs eliminate redundant tasks with the click of a button
  • Superior integration with ecosystem increases IT productivity by 2 - 3x

3. Minimize risks and disruption to operations

FAS2500 is built to facilitate change to support your company’s data growth needs.

  • Simple scaling lets you start small and grow big while managing acquisition costs
  • Non-disruptive operations eliminates down time and data migration
  • Data portability lets you connect to the cloud, moving data in and out as needed

There are three FAS2500 series storage arrays available depending on your needs or the size of your organization, from distributed sites of larger organizations to smaller organizations and remote offices, and everything in between. You can check out more about the FAS2500 by reading their release or contacting us here at ASG with questions.

About Eric Eiseman As a premier subject matter expert at ASG, Eric Eiseman assists and guides customers through their design and architectural decisions. In particular, Eric has developed a thorough technical knowledge of VMware, Cisco Unified Computing Solutions, FlexPod, and Red Hat products throughout his extensive career as a system administrator and senior consultant.

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