Everything You Need to Know About Managing Support Contracts

Posted by Billie Mohrbach, Director of Enterprise Contracts
May 10, 2017

With maintenance and support contracts, there’s a fi­ne line between fully protecting your business and overspending. That’s why most companies simply pay maintenance renewals whenever they get the invoices—they don’t have time to think strategically about their infrastructure and business needs, and they can’t risk leaving critical equipment unsupported.

That might be the safer option, but there could be risk in overspending too.

Today, business leaders want technology to help create new markets or revenue opportunities, improve and broaden customer experiences, or even transform business models. Whatever IT budget you devote to maintenance and support contracts leaves less for you to invest in these types of business-growing innovation and productivity efforts.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Over the course of the next several weeks, I’ll be blogging on ways you can better manage your maintenance and support contracts—including how to simplify their management and ways to save money in the process.

I also have a new eBook available – 7 Strategies for Managing Your Support Contracts and Reducing Your Maintenance Costs. You can download it for free HERE.


About Billie Mohrbach As the Director of Enterprise Contracts at ASG, Billie regularly works with companies to simplify their support contract management processes. Throughout her 15-year career as an IT professional, Billie has raised the bar in preserving IT budgets, sorting out critical support and maintenance contract issues, and delivering unsurpassed client satisfaction.

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