DIY Access Controls - ASG Architect to Speak at LayerOne 2011 in Anaheim

Posted by Amy Besoushko
May 22, 2011

Our own John "arclight" Norman will be speaking on DIY Access Controls at LayerOne in Anaheim May 28th and 29th. His talk will cover physical access control systems and the vulnerabilities and challenges associated with implementing them.

There has been a lot of talk about RFID technology, but proximity cards and other tokens are just one aspect of building a secure access control system. While the networks and integration components that tie the systems together have been evolving steadily, the principles involved in the design and implementation of these systems have not changed in decades.

Since there are few references out there on this topic, John will explore the issues by designing a complete hardware and software system from the ground up, including installation and commissioning. The system is based on the simple-to-use Arduino micro-controller and commodity components and is meant to be a framework for further improvement and development.

Hackers interested in getting a preview can check out the code and hardware designs at:

John is an Enterprise Systems Architect for Advanced Systems Group. His expertise includes storage architecture, disaster recovery planning and network security. John is also a founding member of the 23b Hacker Space in Fullerton, CA and actively helps other hacker spaces get started. He has built a number of open-source projects and also teaches electronics, TIG welding, machining and other topics at the space.

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