Data Storage Solutions Partner Success - Hitachi Data Systems

Posted by Amy Besoushko
March 13, 2012

As storage and data management solutions go, our partnership with Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) couldn’t be stronger. This year we’re their #1 Commercial Partner, with our 16 HDS certifications and two full-time HDS-dedicated architects. And with 112% year-over-year growth, they’re our top partner too.

Here are some additional statistics that clearly define our successful HDS relationship:

  • Hitachi Platinum Partner, Direct Hitachi Data Systems VAR since 1998
  • Top revenue generator for HDS across several U.S. regions and growing
  • 230+ HDS customers from 2000 thru late 2011 – throughout the Central and Western US.
  • 60+ AMS modular disk systems sold/implemented (200+ individual AMS systems) – 2008-2010
  • 55+ Enterprise class (VSP/USP-V/VM/NSC55) sold/implemented – 2004 – 2010
  • 20+ storage virtualization implementations, 15 NAS solutions sold & implemented

Over the course of our partnership with HDS, we’ve implemented storage and data management solutions for some fantastic clients, including:

  • Warner Music Group
  • City Of Phoenix
  • County of San Bernardino
  • Los Robles Hospital
  • Cricket Communications
  • Experian
  • Family Dollar
  • United Healthcare
  • NORAD - Cheyenne Mountain
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Adobe

Just over a year ago, HDS introduced their Virtual Storage Platform (VSP), and we’ve already implemented over 24 of them (that’s a lot!). ASG engineers architected a VSP solution that’s in the implementation process now, and will consolidate the customer’s 1.3PB of storage spread across 111 devices to 1.6PB across just 11(!) devices in a streamlined virtualized storage environment with automated tiering and DR. This wouldn’t have been possible without the VSP’s consolidation and massive scaling abilities. You can read more about this implementation in Anthony Sayre’s blog.

We’re excited about what this year and the year’s following will deliver from our HDS partnership and look forward to sharing more success stories from them and other partners in the weeks and months ahead.

About Amy Besoushko Amy Besoushko has over 15 years of experience in IT marketing and a specialized skill set in graphic design and communication. As the Marketing Director at ASG, she manages all marketing activities by leveraging her in-depth understanding of technology trends, project/campaign design and execution, online marketing, and budget planning.

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