Data Center Trends – What Can We Expect in the Next Five Years?

Posted by Dustin Smith, Chief Technologist
January 7, 2015

Data center growth is robust and has been for the last few years—driven in part from growth in cloud computing services and applications, the digitization of information, and the growth of smartphones and tablets and the data they produce. Despite this rapid data center growth, a recent survey from Mortenson expects the use of energy to power data centers to decline.

In fact, the survey found that 57 percent of the respondents currently operate a LEED-certified data center to lower energy usage or anticipate seeking a LEED certification on their next project. 47 percent of respondents believe that data center efficiency levels will average 1.3 PUE (power usage efficiency) or lower within the next five years.

Some other interesting findings from the survey:

  • 86 percent predict the current data center growth will last more than five years
  • 51 percent of data center owners have recently increased data center capacity and 70  percent expect to over the next five years
  • More than 50 percent believe there will be a technology breakthrough that will change the game in the near future
  • 19 percent wish they could make their current data centers more energy efficient

As described in our post, Five Cloud Trends for 2015, Gartner recently predicted that cloud computing will influence future data center and operational models, so it makes sense that any data center modernization effort needs to factor in cloud computing solutions. How does the use of any public cloud services impact your data center? The cloud can help your data center (and IT organization in general) increase agility and efficiency, but some legacy data center elements may be hampering this goal.

What do you think? What data center trends do you see happening over the next five years? What is the biggest factor(s) driving those trends?

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