Computer Network Security - A Good Defense Sometimes Means a Good Offense

Posted by Mark Teter, Chief Technology Officer
March 7, 2011

With increasing numbers of mobile devices and computer technology advances  à la Moore’s Law, computer hacking is becoming more and more of a threat—making computer network security more and more of a need.

“Today there are three types of people… those who’ve been scammed and know it; those who’ve been scammed and don’t know it; and those who haven’t been scammed yet.”

Although this should be a scary thought for everyone, the implications for businesses are enormous. That’s why we’ve secured a partnership with One World Labs (OWL)—a company on the forefront of computer network security.

Spearheaded by Chris Roberts, OWL is an IT security company offering security assessments and critical incident responses. OWL has an in-house laboratory staffed with security experts that work at the forefront of vulnerability research. OWL conducts all security services by experienced and certified information security specialists and provides extremely valuable insight into vulnerabilities.

Together, ASG and OWL can now assist companies with all areas of data security, including vulnerability detection and remediation.

About Mark Teter Before he retired from ASG in 2013, Mark Teter was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the author of 'Paradigm Shift: Seven Keys of Highly successful Linux and Open Source Adoptions.' As CTO, Mark regularly advised IT organizations, vendors, and government agencies, and he frequently conducted seminars and training programs.

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