Complimentary New eBook – Setting the Table for the Modern Data Center

Posted by Amy Besoushko
June 3, 2015

Most data centers today were built with technology that was installed before virtualization, cloud computing, converged infrastructure, mobile computing, software-defined networking, and SaaS. Since most of these initiatives are now considered paramount to organizational success, this disconnect makes it difficult for CIOs and IT personnel to create agile and flexible data centers that can accommodate corporate growth.

As we increasingly embed IT in critical business processes across the organization—from line of business applications and online commerce to back-office operations—there’s a greater need to understand how changes and downtime affect applications and business services. Yet, more than 80 percent of corporate enterprises still lack a centralized and automated method for managing the physical, operational, and financial statuses of their IT assets—not to mention the relationships these assets have to one another and the business processes they support.

When it comes to introducing new technologies and modernizing data centers, building an accurate and complete model of the application services that drive the business is a great place to start.

So too is downloading our new and complimentary eBook,  Setting the Table for the Modern Data Center. This eBook explores the challenge of business-IT alignment, how best to manage the risks of growing IT and data center complexity, and the finances at play. You’ll learn how to position yourself and your organization for the first step towards modernizing your data center—application mapping.

Download the free eBook here:

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