Colorado Rises Thanks to Hitachi Data Systems and Others

Posted by Amy Besoushko
January 1, 2013

We were pretty excited to see the article Watch Out Silicon Valley! Colorado Primed to Emerge as the Next Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  We at ASG call the Denver area home and have for over 31 years. It’s known for beautiful summers, majestic winters; it’s an outdoor-lover’s paradise and a great place for families. Recently, others have noticed. As the article states:

Colorado is ranked #8 on CNBC’s list of best states for business. Metro Denver scored #5 on Forbes’ 2012 “Best places for business and careers” list, while Fort Collins came in at #3. USA Today ranks Boulder/Denver as a top 10 city for technology start-ups. Moreover, Colorado, on a per capita basis, is well ahead of other states in the areas of green technology, health care, telecom, energy, aerospace, bioscience, high tech, health food and organics.

With an influx of new businesses beginning to take hold we’re most excited about the arrival of Hitachi Data Systems.

As U.S. Senator Michael Bennett (D-Colorado) said regarding Hitachi’s recent move, “It is recognition that Colorado is an environment where innovative companies like Hitachi can thrive.”

We’re their number one North America channel partner and are delighted to now call them our neighbor as well.

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