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Posted by Amy Besoushko
February 13, 2012

Over the past year and half, we’ve blogged about cloud computing solutions from one angle or another. Now that the cloud is becoming more and more of a reality for businesses of all sizes, we thought it would be beneficial to cull all of these posts into one resource that can help answer questions you may have before turning to the cloud.

30 Questions to Ask Before Turning to the Cloud - The first post is one that we’ve developed as we work with clients to uncover their cloud computing solution needs. They usually start asking us a lot of questions regarding security and whether it’s a fit, but we find that their answers to these questions ultimately reveal whether the cloud is a viable option for them.

Public vs. Private Clouds – Comparison - This next post assumes you’ve decided that cloud computing solutions have something to offer and are now trying to determine which cloud computing deployment option is right for you.

Private vs. Public Cloud Computing Solutions – Financial Comparison - Of course you’ll want to weigh the financial implications and potential ROI with each cloud computing option you’re considering. Each cloud deployment option has inherent benefits, but our analysis shows a $513,295 cumulative cost savings over three years for the private cloud purchase versus the public cloud option. The private cloud lease saved $489,874 versus the public cloud option over the same three years.

Computer Network Security – Vulnerabilities in Cloud Computing - Finally, you’ll want to examine the impact that cloud computing solutions may have on computer network security. For this, we turned to our security partner and expert – Chris Roberts from One World Labs – and his keynote address from last year’s INTERFACE conference. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a look!

We have tons more blogs on cloud computing solutions and even more throughout the web. Cloud computing, like any technology, can provide great rewards and serve up numerous risks. It all comes down to what your business is trying to achieve and how best to get there.

If you’ve come across some good cloud computing blogs or articles, we’d love to see them. Drop the link in the comments section below.

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