Cloud Computing Solutions: Are Inexpensive Options the Way to Go?

Posted by Dustin Smith, Chief Technologist
April 21, 2014

The cloud computing landscape is continuing to evolve, presenting cloud users and companies with a multitude of options. Just this week, a CIO article – In Public Cloud Computing Fight, the Gloves Come Off – detailed the massive price cuts recently announced by Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.  These big public cloud providers now offer cloud storage at between 2.6 and 2.75 cents per GB per month.

Is this good news? The answer is… maybe.

The CIO article addressed four thoughts on what low public cloud computing costs might mean to users:

  1. If you've been planning a private cloud based on an assessment (or belief) that you can operate at a lower cost than what’s available from public providers, you have to rethink your business case. 
  2. It's a buyer's market, so don't be afraid to bargain.
  3. If you still maintain a desire to run your own cloud, even after these price cuts, recognize that the reasons to use it will rest on compliance and locality of data.
  4. Understand why you're adopting cloud computing: It reduces the friction involved in infrastructure provisioning and thereby enables agility and speed.

The third and fourth points above are the keys to determining which cloud computing solution is right for you. With number 3, it’s all about the data. If your data is compliance-sensitive, then the public cloud probably isn’t an option at all, and in fact, it could make you or organization liable for a whole host of issues if that data is exposed.

Point number 4 is also a major factor, and one reason we see private cloud infrastructures becoming more of an option for larger enterprises. The value of cloud computing solutions is that they accelerate application lifecycles and generally make things like data storage management less expensive and more efficient. While the public cloud certainly offers inexpensive storage, the types of resources they use can ultimately affect your service level agreement (SLA), and this is where inexpensive may not be desirable.

With this in mind, I’d refer you to our blog 30 Questions to Ask Before Turning to Cloud Computing. You really need to understand how low prices translate into effective solutions. 

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