Building a Roadmap to the Cloud

Posted by Amy Besoushko
November 9, 2016

Our Chief Technologist – Dustin Smith – just finished up presenting at Innotech Oklahoma. His presentation was Building a Roadmap to the Cloud. Here’s a quick synopsis:

Cloud computing is not specific to a technology product; it’s a new philosophy about approaching technology as it pertains to achieving business goals.

In the past, there was a range of computing solutions that were clearly targeted at primary business solutions. These products created proprietary implementations of business services throughout the organization. Today, enterprises are struggling to shift their understanding of cloud compute technology and its business applications. At the same time, they’re trying to learn the new technology, and it’s extremely difficult to evaluate technology as you learn it.  


IT teams have provided service to their businesses for decades. They’re trusted members of their organizations and they’re well respected. However, they’re not necessarily equipped for the fundamental changes in IT paradigms, and as a result, they often extend ‘classic IT’ designs into the cloud with disastrous results.

This is not a failing of IT groups, but a misunderstanding of what shape a transformation to cloud computing needs to take. We’ve worked with many customers who have successfully transitioned to a cloud compute model, some in the public cloud and some still operating their own private cloud Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enterprise. We’ve also worked with customers who have launched into the cloud without a good understanding of the new paradigm and have incurred unnecessary expense and service interruption—not to mention eroding the reputation of the IT group.

It’s important to understand the different tiers of your architecture and how to attack a transformation to a cloud compute future state. Creating this roadmap requires rethinking existing infrastructure elements in order to leverage the strengths of existing assets and accelerate this transformation.

If creating a roadmap sounds like a logical step, maybe the next step for you, we can assist in the process. Please contact us!

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