ASG is Now Part of the byCOLORADO Program

Posted by Amy Besoushko
March 19, 2014

Advanced Systems Group is proud to join the byCOLORADO program, which promotes the “amazing and unique aspects of our state that are derived from the generations of pioneers who came to Colorado, put down roots and propelled Colorado to become a leader in innovation, tourism, health, happiness, economic development, and more.” To date, over 400 Colorado companies have joined the program.

To live in Colorado is to be surrounded by beautiful, serene surroundings. Between our mountains, rivers, and 300 days of sunshine, the Colorado landscape is what draws people to visit and settle down here. You’ll be seeing the ‘it’s our nature’ tagline in some of our materials with the ‘Colorado Company’ symbol, which demonstrates our pride in this place we call home. brandCOLORADO is also about momentum and growth, something that ASG certainly takes to heart.

brandCOLORADO allows us to position our state in a way that allows us to continue our upward momentum and provide a higher quality of life for all of us. You can check out brandCOLORADO on Facebook

About Amy Besoushko Amy Besoushko has over 15 years of experience in IT marketing and a specialized skill set in graphic design and communication. As the Marketing Director at ASG, she manages all marketing activities by leveraging her in-depth understanding of technology trends, project/campaign design and execution, online marketing, and budget planning.

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