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How would you like faster and safer world-class data protection with flexible “pay-as-you-go” pricing? As more enterprises incorporate cloud computing technology in their IT environments, interest has grown for cloudlike approaches to the on-premise infrastructure. This helps enterprises achieve the scalability, security, flexible consumption and system management they need.

But how do you do this and maintain your application data’s RPOs and RTOs? And deal with data privacy and regulatory compliance? And do so in the most economical way possible?

Well, the answer is DPaas from Hitachi Vantara.  

For starters, Hitachi Vantara has always been about DATA: protecting it, managing it, storing it, copying it, securing it, and guaranteeing your data with a 100% availability! So, I guess they know what they’re doing…

With all the complexities that today’s backup admins must deal with, having a data protection strategy as a service sounds great! Not only does the backup team have to align the proper service levels with application data, they also have to do so as economical as possible. And that’s where Hitachi Vantara comes in.

Hitachi Vantara Data Protection as a Service offers any IT organization a comprehensive, end-to-end solution data protection solution. This fully or partially managed service provides:

  • Modern data protection solution plan and design to achieve your application data’s RTOs and RPOs as well as privacy and regulatory requirements.
  • Expert recommendations to protect data with a global operational recovery solution that relies on a minimal number of copies.
  • Elimination for specialized skills and expertise, as well as complex, long-term efforts to build an inhouse customized solution.
  • A consumption-based pricing model to reduce and better manage operational costs, improve efficiencies, eliminate downtime and optimize service levels and performance.
  • Predictability and faster time to value with automation, throughout the entire data protection process.

The DP-as-a-service offering is pre-engineered and delivered as managed service to provide transparent consumption-based pricing and guaranteed service levels. Hitachi Vantara’s “always on” services team manages each customer’s infrastructure and its service catalog.

The service level catalog provides a range of choice for performance, data availability, retention, remote replication, and specific RTO/RPO settings. This innovative solution allows customers to keep security, compliance and data sovereignty under their control and ensure they are achieving the service levels needed for their businesses, all bundled in an Op-Ex payment stream.

Deployed in as little as 60 days, DPaaS from Hitachi Vantara comes with a pretested plan and design to achieve your business specific RTOs and RPOs as well as addresses your data privacy and regulatory requirements. This approach eliminates the need for specialized skills and expertise, or complex, long-term efforts to build an in-house customized solution.

DPaaS comes with a selection of four service classes to match the criticality of your data along with minimizing your data protection costs by tailoring your service classes to your data types. This approach ensures that the data protection needs of your business are met.

But probably the best part is DPaaS enables you to pay-as-you-go. This not only reduces your upfront costs but allows you to allocate budget to other capital-intensive infrastructure needs. Billing is monthly and is based on the amount of data protected within each service class and options selected. Check out this solutions brief from Hitachi on DPaaS.

If you’re looking for a predesigned and world-class architected data protection solution that can be deployed within 60 days fully managed and billed on a pay-per-use consumption pricing model for on-prem or hybrid cloud, DPaaS is for you and we can help!

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Mark Teter, Corporate Technologist

Mark Teter, Corporate Technologist

In his role, Mark is responsible for the strategic direction of ASG’s emerging technology offerings and advancing the deployment of present-day hybrid cloud solutions for our customers. Mark has served as Faculty Staff Member at Colorado State University and has written over 50 white papers on subjects including Data Center Ethernet, Linux and Open Source, Storage Area Networks and Computer Virtualization. He published Paradigm Shift in 2006, a book on emerging technologies. He is a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect.